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Excellence in flavours: carefully selected products and perfect recipes.

We take your gastronomic pleasure to heart and we consistently strive to offer a culinary experience that exceeds all expectations. Welcome to our home, where the passion for food translates into flavours excellence.


The process of conservation under glass

Once prepared, the vegetables are subjected to the vacuum preservation process. This method involves removing air from the storage environment and sealing the container or pouch, thus creating an oxygen-free environment. This slows down the deterioration of food, preventing the growth of bacteria and mold that cause rotting. Sous vide helps keep the flavor, texture and nutrients of vegetables intact for a longer period of time than traditional preservation.

The vacuum-packed vegetables are then stored in cool, dry environments to maintain their freshness and quality. They can be stored at room temperature, but it is often best to keep them in the refrigerator to further extend their shelf life. It is important to store vegetables away from direct sunlight and heat sources to avoid nutrient loss and premature spoilage.

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