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Le piante di erbe

Officinal Herbs

Wellbeing from nature

Welcome to the sensorial experience of our herbal teas and medicinal herbs from

Where the enveloping heat of these aromatic drinks will guide you on a unique journey through the scents and flavors of Sicilian nature. Let the intense scent of the herbs, carefully grown on the slopes of Mount Etna, transport you into a world of suggestions and sensations. Each herb contains unique beneficial and aromatic properties, which are enhanced by the surrounding environment and the care with which they are collected and processed. Whether it's a relaxing herbal tea with camomile and lemon balm, or an invigorating blend of mint and rosemary, every sip is a warming and regenerating experience for both body and soul.


In our laboratory, we use cutting-edge techniques to best preserve the natural qualities of the herbs, ensuring that each cup of herbal tea is rich in aroma and beneficial properties. We are proud to offer our guests an authentic taste of Sicilian nature, in a form that is a real warm embrace for the soul.

Our selection for you

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