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A Family business

Jean-Luc the father is the founder, for several years with dedication and passion, he has been carrying forward this project in the world of gastronomy and the valorization of authentic flavors. With his experience and his love for good food he is the mentor and inspiration of this family-run business. Collaborating with farmers and small Italian producers, he is always looking for the best ingredients to guarantee authentic and satisfying culinary experiences for the palate. Barbara, his wife and the official taster, supports him with her support and her expertise, sharing the same passion for nature and quality cuisine. The collaboration of the three children, Laurie, Evelyn and Timothy, is fundamental to the success of the business. Each with specific roles that reflect their passions and skills, contributes to enriching the gastronomic experience on offer.

Home grown vegetables

Nature on the table in one click!

The vegetables are grown in fertile soil and in optimal climatic conditions to guarantee their quality and characteristic flavour. The farmers selected by us follow sustainable agricultural practices. The harvest takes place at the right time to ensure that they are ripe and tasty. Carefully chosen and cleaned, they are then examined to remove any imperfections and cut according to the required specifications. This step is essential to guarantee the freshness and quality of the final product. The process of Vacuum Storage: This method involves removing the air from the storage environment and sealing the container or bag. This slows down the deterioration of food, preventing the growth of bacteria and mold. Sous vide helps keep the flavor, texture and nutrients of vegetables intact. Preservation and storage: Vacuum-packed vegetables are stored in cool, dry environments to maintain their freshness and quality at room temperature, but it is often best to keep them in the refrigerator to further extend their shelf life. It is important to store vegetables away from direct sunlight and heat sources to avoid nutrient loss and premature spoilage.

Online sales: once ready for sale, the vacuum-packed vegetables are carefully packaged and labelled. Images and detailed descriptions are uploaded to the online store along with nutritional information and storage instructions. Customers can then browse through our online catalogue, select the products they want and place their order.

Gustose verdure conservate sotto vetro
Dettaglio di funghi sott'olio
Olio di oliva
Olive oil production
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