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On a summer evening, the flames dance on the barbecue, while the peppers prepare for their transformation. Slow and patient, the grill caresses them, giving them golden skin and a sweet fragrance.

Once ready, the peppers shed their skin, revealing their succulent and colorful pulp. This delicate gesture makes them lighter and more digestible, ready to delight the most demanding palates.

Immersed in a bath of quality olive oil, grilled peppers find their home. The oil, with its softness, envelops each piece, giving it a velvety consistency and a rich, enveloping flavour.

They are an explosion of flavor in every bite: sweetness and acidity blend harmoniously, creating a perfect balance.

Thus, among friends and family, these peppers become the fulcrum of convivial and joyful moments. Their versatility makes them protagonists in appetizers, salads and accompaniments, bringing a touch of freshness and color to the table.

Peperoni arrostiti

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  • Peperoni (60%), olio di oliva (40%), zucchero, sale, aglio, prezzemolo, spezie. Correttore di acidità: acido citrico.
    Dopo l’apertura conservare in frigorifero.

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