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Casa Virzi' Oil is a balanced blend resulting from a careful selection of olives of the Nocellara Etnea, Biancolilla and Ogliarola Messinese varieties grown in extraordinarily rich soil. Harvested by hand early, the olives are processed within a few hours with cold pressing which preserves their organoleptic values ​​and from which an oil with great health value is obtained with fruity and floral hints and a harmonious finish.

INTENSITY: Medium fruity, balanced and with an elegant organoleptic balance.

FOR WHOM: For everyone, the first oil produced by the Virzi' family

PERFECT PAIRINGS: Thanks to its great balance, this fruity medium intensity adapts well to most of the dishes it pairs with. It enhances the dishes, without ever covering their flavour

Organic extra virgin olive oil

Available from the end of June
  • 750ml

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