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In the verdant valleys of Bergamo, skilled cheesemakers preserved a centuries-old tradition.

Using the prized Quartirolo cheese from Bergamo, they cleverly inserted chilli flakes directly into the curd, giving the cheese a spicy and enveloping character.

After careful maturing, the cheeses were delicately preserved in oil, which enhanced their taste and creaminess.

Chilli cheese is a real treat, perfect for lovers of bold flavours.

Each cube tells the story of craftsmanship and a passion for food that has been passed down from generation to generation.

An invitation to discover the union between traditional cheese and the spiciness of chilli pepper, an unforgettable tasting experience.

Chilli cheese

SKU: 3597
  • Formaggio (57%) [latte (origine: Italia), peperoncino (3%), sale, caglio], olio di oliva (43%).

    Dopo l'apertura conservare in frigorifero.

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